What is beFresh?

beFresh is a small packet that is placed in the home refrigerator to
neutralise ethylene gas.

How does beFresh work?

beFresh contains Potassium Permanganate which neutralise ethylene gas that accumulates in the refrigerator. beFresh interrupts the ripening
process and allows the shelf-life of fresh produce to be extended.

Why beFresh?

beFresh extends the storage life of fresh produce.

What is ethylene?

Ethylene gas is a natural ripening hormone produced by fruits, vegetables and flowers. Ethylene gas starts and accelerates the natural ripening process.

Why is ethylene a problem?

Ethylene causes premature ripening, decay, wilting, loss of colour and
bitterness in fruit and vegetables.

How is beFresh activated?

Just remove the outer cellophane wrap and beFresh starts working immediately. You do not need to open the cardboard packet or the internal sachet.

Why is a suction-pad inserted into the packet?

So that the packet can be stuck on the front inside wall of the refrigerator crisper draw.

How long will beFresh be active in the home refrigerator?

beFresh will last a minimum of 30 days.

Does beFresh save money?

Yes - beFresh extends the shelf-life of fresh produce by decreasing
softening, wilting and decay.

How can you remember to replace beFresh every 30 days?

Record the repurchase date in the space provided on the back of the beFresh pack. Text reminder facility available via online purchase.

What fresh produce benefits the most from beFresh?

All fruit and vegetables.

Is beFresh beneficial to other items that are in the fridge?

Only in that beFresh may inhibit the development of certain bacteria and fungi.

Is beFresh safe?

Yes, beFresh is primarily a natural mineral.

What should be avoided?

Avoid soaking in water and do not cut or rip the cardboard packet or the internal sachet.

How should the used beFresh packet be disposed?

beFresh can be discarded with normal household rubbish or used as a
garden fertiliser.

What is the retail self life for beFresh if there is slow movement of stock?

As long as the cellophane film has not been opened, beFresh has a
shelf-life of at least 12 months.

Is beFresh manufactured in New Zealand?


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